Parker Aircraft Sales, Inc. – 18 Years Of Aircraft Sales Experience And Counting



There are only few who can manage to buy an aircraft upfront, by cash.  But come to think about it, there are a lot of things to consider when you buy an aircraft through financing.  Unfortunately, only few of the aircraft buyers appreciate the financing process and willing to pursue through the procedure.  Well, you cannot blame them at all. Almost all of the buyers believe that it is quite difficult to avail financing these days. With the sterner requirements and hard to pass approval, it is easier to every buyer to buy in cash instead. Not to mention the government required documentation is quite tedious and stricter than before, plus the additional requirements of the banks and examiners are exhaustive.  That is why Parker Aircraft Sales Inc., the most innovative solution provider in the aircraft sales industry offers every buyer a financing service that will help and assist them go through the process.  Their long years of experience will certainly smoothen the procedure from the first step up to the last step.  They just don’t offer financing, they also accept trade-in to help clients realize their dream in acquiring an aircraft.  Parker Aircraft Sales Inc., services includes the following:

  • title searches
  • aircraft valuation
  • financing
  • insurance
  • pre-purchase inspections
  • sourcing parts
  • Obtaining qualified pilots
  • Other aviation-related activities that could help reduce the burden on our clients.

As mentioned, their long years of experience started in 1999. Since then, Parker Aircraft Sales Inc., gained the reputation as the most reliable buy and sell company in the aviation industry.  If you are a buyer who might consider financing as an option but skeptical to go through it, try Parker Aircraft Sales Inc., you will be surprised that you will have the aircraft of your dream in no time.  If still in doubt, think about their 18 years of experience and how many clients already owned an aircraft because of them.